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Kristen Clark is a professional hailing from Philadelphia PA. Using her unique background in arts and education, she successfully continues to pursue work in areas that will benefit her community in the realms of equity, liberation, arts, and commerce.
"I want to do 'good' work - I want to sleep well knowing my legacy is one that made people feel good. Standing in that means  I understand my value - my community's value and I honestly lead with my love for both. There is no reason (in my mind) that meaningful engagement and relationships can't be built at the intersection of community and commerce".
Born and raised in Germantown - Kristen is determined to leave the world better than she found it. She is an owner of Kinesics Dance Dynamics - a dance education space in Germantown which she opened at 21 - and partners with companies and organizations that look to engage the community in mutually beneficial relations.
Her growing clientele include an alternative educational facility, a historic fine arts gallery and more.
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